• About Us

    About Us

    Harry Fenimore, Founder

    Welcome to Fenimore Manufacturing, Incorporated. We are a proud Oklahoma company that specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality print finishing systems. We produce a variety of collators, stackers, punches, booklet-makers, rotary die cutters, and feeders.

    Our History

    Founded in 1955 by O.D. Fenimore and his son, Harry L. Fenimore in Woodward, Oklahoma, the company began from a small printing department, which was installed in the family hardware business Fenimore Hardware. The year 1954 was a bad one in Oklahoma as it was a drought year and business was suffering throughout the state. For this reason, the hardware store installed a printing department in order to produce a mailing piece in an effort to enlarge their trade territory, thus increasing business.

    In time, the mailing piece took the form of a booklet. O.D. Fenimore needed a system for producing this booklet, so he designed and built one without any outside assistance. Little did he realize that his new machine would eventually be the forerunner to the basic original product for Fenimore Manufacturing, the “Stitch-a-Fold” machine. It was soon realized that the “common sense approach” used by Fenimore for producing his booklet was the reverse of that being used by the printing industry at that time. Encouraged from those in the established printing industry as the "superior" way of producing a booklet, the father & son team set out to tell the United States about their invention.

    Shortly afterward, the Keith S. Macey Division of Harris Seybold Corporation, a Cleveland, Ohio firm and at the time, the largest producer of printing equipment in the United States, signed on as the exclusive distributor for the Fenimore product. Due to Fenimore’s efficiency and low cost of manufacturing, Macey also sent them some of their own products to be manufactured and assembled in Oklahoma, which further strengthened the position of the company.

    By the time Fenimore Manufacturing was Incorporated in 1964, Harry had designed four additional machines. He became president of the company in 1964 and the company expanded and built a new and larger facility in Woodward in 1969. Also in that same year, the father and son team, working in conjunction with Macey, introduced the Harris “Multibinder”, which united the technology of the Fenimore Stitch-a-Fold with the Macey Collator.

    O.D. Fenimore passed away in Woodward in 1971. Harry continued on with the business and with his years of experience and design knowledge, the company continued to grow. In need of hiring more skilled workers and better access to faster shipping methods, the company re-located their business to Chickasha, Oklahoma in 1976. Chickasha is located 45 miles  southwest of Oklahoma City. The move was very successful and within two years, production had nearly doubled.

    Changes in market trends in the 1980’s led the company to hire a New York-based marketing manager to open up new distributorships and production opportunities. The company began developing and building machines for other well-known companies such as AM Graphics, Harris Graphics, Stahl, Didde, Bourg, Heidelberg, Rosback, Standard and Vijuk.

    Harry Fenimore retired in 1998, but the business still proudly remains with his family. His daughters and son-in-laws, Steve and Janice Smith and Mike and Jeanice McDonald now proudly own the company. Fenimore Manufacturing began distributing their products direct to the public in 2000 with great results. That same year, Morris Phelam of Magnacutter Limited in England contacted the company requesting help in developing and manufacturing a new magnetic cylinder die cutting machine. The joint effort has proven to be a great success, with the company unveiling it’s second new die cutter, the Cyclomag 720, at the “Print 05” Trade Show in Chicago, Illinois, which is the largest Print Show in the United States held every four years.

    We invite you to look through our website and view our products. We are extremely proud of what we have to offer. Although we are proud of our past, we are extremely excited about our future and are dedicated to providing quality products and continually improving their value for our customers.

    Our Values

    • We will deliver quality services, systems, and processes to our customer in a timely manner. We are accessible, receptive, and responsive to our customer’s needs.
    • We strive to produce the highest quality equipment that will make a difference to our customer
    • We will conduct our business with the highest ethical standards. Through actions and open, honest communication, we will strengthen trust and credibility.
    • We are committed to operate Fenimore Manufacturing efficiently through disciplined cost management at every level. This will result in supporting the company in having lower cost, improved competitiveness and profitability.
    • We, as a company, will maintain the highest quality work force. In return, we will offer our employees stability and security through cost effective management and innovative bindery and finishing equipment.

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