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    50, BookletBinder

    The Fenimore 50 Bookletbinder is our heavy-duty modular stitcher - folder-trimmer system that rolls up to any brand of collator or folder. By using this system in place of your folder's delivery unit, it will receive the signatures and perform all the processes necessary to turn them into finished booklets. This unique machine will stitch and fold the signatures and trim all 3 sides - thanks to our patented "Speed Shear" system at speeds up to 6,500 booklets per hour! More Information


    922, SideWinder

    922, SideWinder

    The Fenimore 922 SideWinder is both a collator and booklet-maker. From left to right, it collates flat sheets, jogs them into alignment, stitches,folds and face trims them into high quality booklets - up to 5,200 per hour! From right to left, it collates flat sheets, signatures or tabs for side or corner stitching, perfect binding, saddle stitching or other purposes. More Information



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