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    50, BookletBinder

    The Fenimore 50 Bookletbinder is our heavy-duty modular stitcher - folder-trimmer system that rolls up to any brand of collator or folder. By using this system in place of your folder's delivery unit, it will receive the signatures and perform all the processes necessary to turn them into finished booklets. This unique machine will stitch and fold the signatures and trim all 3 sides - thanks to our patented "Speed Shear" system at speeds up to 6,500 booklets per hour!

    The Fenimore 50 Bookletbinder is equipped with height adjustability. This allows compatibility with most brands of collators or folders as a roll-up right-angle unit with outstanding head and tail "speed shear" trimming and face trim after folding. This system is an ideal asset to the many knife folders that have no slitting available or unsatisfactory quality.

    Glued booklets may be completed easily by simply disconnecting the stitcher heads and running the booklets through in a normal manner.

    Standard features

    • modular system rolls up to any brand of folder and receives signatures
    • equipped with height adjustability
    • stitcher (2 heads furnished. 4 maximum)
    • folder/trimmer (curved buckle type)
    • Guillotine (shear type) knife
    • Rotary blade slitters
    • patented "speed shear system" will saddle stitch signatures and trim all 3 sides at speeds up to 6,500 booklets per hour
    • precise on-the-center-line stitching
    • 30" (762mm) Conveyor Belt Delivery

    Optional Features

    • extra stitcher heads - up to 4 heads
    • hohner stitching heads
    • extra trimmer face knives
    • extra rotary slitter blades
    • extended Belt delivery


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