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    922, SideWinder

    "You have two machines in one!"

    Collate - Stitch - Fold - Trim

    Designed for sheet sizes up to 12" x 18"

    From the company that originated the concept of producing booklets from flat sections comes the "revolutionary" Fenimore 922 SideWinder. This unique machine is already rewriting the standards for our industry, both commercially and in-house, and represents the biggest break-through in combination stitching, folding, trimming and collating to come along in more than 25 years!

    The Fenimore 922 SideWinder is both a collator and booklet-maker. From left to right, it collates flat sheets, jogs them into alignment, stitches,folds and face trims them into high quality booklets - up to 5,200 per hour! From right to left, it collates flat sheets, signatures or tabs for side or corner stitching, perfect binding, saddle stitching or other purposes.

    Standard features

    • available from 3 to 21 pockets/stations, in units of 3
    • ripple start/stop and fault systems eliminate sheet spoilage and minimizes de-collating
    • missing or double sheet detectors in each pocket
    • vacuum Pick-up and Air Blast; up to 4 suction devices on each pocket automatically adjusts to the thickness of the sheets or signatures
    • jam proof gathering tray with electric eye monitoring
    • sequential start button will ensure complete sets while handling feeding
    • stitcher (2 heads furnished, 4 maximum)
    • folder/trimmer (curved buckle type)
    • remote control unit
    • for sheet sizes up to 12" x 18"
    • GE Fanuc PLC Control
    • Extended conveyor delivery with infinite speed control

    Optional Features

    • bar code detection system
    • selective feeding count on each pocket adds more flexibility
    • extra stitcher heads - up to 4 heads
    • hohner stitching heads
    • extra trimmer face knives
    • BC-3 Batch Counter

    Optional" add-on" systems

    • 232 side stitcher (1/4")
    • 242 side stitcher (3/4")
    • 241 programmed stacker
    • 247 Hand Feed Station
    • 314 Offset Stacker
    • 830 receding stacker
    • 222GL tape delivery with basket
    • 225GL offset stacker for 222GL Tape Delivery
    • 225B offset stacker for 232 Stitcher

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