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    922-C, Stand-Alone Collator

    Designed for sheet sizes up to 12"x18"

    The Fenimore  922-C Stand-Alone Collator is our high - speed state of the art machine that collates flat sheets, signatures or tabs, or virtually anything you want to put in a set, jogs them into alignment and transfers to your stacker or packaging equipment, etc. This heavy-duty machine can be built to run from left to right or right to left and was designed for sheet sizes up to 12" x 18".

    Available from 3 to 24 pockets/stations, the Fenimore 922-C Stand-Alone Collator is the most user/friendly and dependable collator on the market today!

    Standard features

    • available from 3 to 24 pockets/stations, in units of 3
    • ripple start/stop and fault systems eliminate sheet spoilage and minimizes decollating
    • missing or double sheet detectors in each pocket
    • vacuum Pick-up and Air Blast; up to 4 suction devices on each pocket automatically adjust to the thickness of the sheets or signatures              
    • remote control unit
    • jam proof gathering tray with electric eye monitoring  
    • sequential start button will ensure complete sets while handling feeding
    • GE Fanuc PLC Control
    • for sheet sizes up to 12" x 18"
    • machine can be built to run from left to right or right to left
    • 222GL tape delivery with basket included with machine

    Optional Features

    • bar code detection system
    • selective feeding count on each pocket adds home flexibility

    Optional" add-on" systems

    • 225B   offset stacker for 232 Stitcher
    • 225GL offset stacker for 222GL Tape Delivery
    • 232     side stitcher (1/4")
    • 242     side stitcher (3/4")
    • 241     programmed stacker
    • 247     Hand-Feed Station
    • 314     offset stacker
    • 830     receding stacker

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