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    Vacuum Cup Feeder

    In 2004, at the request of a UV coater manufacturer, Fenimore's developed a series of vacuum cup feeders to fit this market. Working with suggestions from customers and distributors, in 2009 we introduced our new line of AD feeders. These will roll up to a Dorn, FMA, or TEC Lighting coater as well as our own.

    Some of the improvements included in this model are:

    • A smaller footprint
    • Simpler and fast setup
    • Slower feed speeds
    • Easier access
    • Supplemental Air
    • Standard double sheet detection

    Our feeders have a size range of 8"x8" up to 28"x40" from 6 point to 15 point stock. Running speeds are up to 5,000 sheets per hour depending on stock and conditions. Pile capacity is 23" with Becker pumps supplying the vacuum and air.

    Standard size feeders are 15"x20", 20"x30", and 28"x40" but we can customize to meet your specifications.

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