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    Insignia 7

    Die Cut - Kiss Cut - Perforate - Crease

    For sheet sizes up to 30" x 24"

    Fenimore Mfg., is proud to introduce the new Insignia 7 Die Cutter, an innovative rotary sheet-fed machine that will die cut, kiss cut, crease and perforate a variety of pre-printed materials at twice the speed of the conventional letterpress platen and cylinder machines!

    Developed to take sheet sizes up to 30" x 24" with thicknesses ranging from 20 lb. paper stock to .020 carton board. The cutting area is 30" x 23.25" and will run at speeds up to 5000 sheets per hour!

    The new Insignia 7 uses the latest magnetic technology to secure high tensile steel cutting forms to the cylinder and has flexible dies which gives precision cutting and improved quality of finishing. Any imaginable shape can be cut with minimum die to material contact resulting in the cleanest cut possible.  

    Materials that previously created running problems for conventional equipment can now be run on this unique machine.  Cling vinyl, hi-tac and 
    ultra thin pressure sensitive vinyl/plastics can be cut clean without any breakthrough or lift. 

    The new Insignia 7 Die Cutter is designed for a variety of work. This includes kiss cutting a wide range of self-adhesive pressure sensitive labels and postage stamps, plastics, vinyl and cling material, laminates, as well as die cutting intricate shapes in swing tickets/tags, playing cards and door hangers.  All of these jobs would be difficult, if not impossible, on  conventional equipment.

    This state-of-the-art machine produces pre-printed or plain self-adhesive labels on sheets; kiss cutting the surface paper, but leaving the backing sheet completely uncut.  This means that the sheets are laser printer compatible and can be over-printed.  Single processes or combinations of kiss/die cutting, perforating and creasing can easily be achieved.

    Standard features


    • Precision quality kiss cutting and die cutting
    • Enables continuous cutting profiles to be achieved
    • High production speeds up to 5000 sheets per hour nearly doubles that of letterpress platen and cylinder machines
    • Reproduces any shape or line drawn by hand or computer without joints
    • Latest magnetic technology secures cutting form
    • Precision electronic and pneumatic control unit maintains speeds and register      
    • Takes sheet sizes up to 30" x 24" with thicknesses ranging from 20 lb. paper stock to .020 carton board.  Cutting area is 30" x 23.25"
    •   All safety features and ease of maintenance required for today's industry standards


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